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Comfort in every slurp!

At Ramen Wave, we are committed to providing
"Ramen Lovers" with the most
"Ramen-tic" experience.

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The First in the Philippines is our patented shared-focused dining cubicles designed to provide a unique and intimate dining experience. Enjoy and slurp your heart out without interruptions - your dining experience is yours to savor.

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Authentic Japanese Comfort Food should be affordable.

Authentic Japanese food should be affordable. Ramen Wave is your friendly neighborhood Japanese restaurant where we serve our favorite Japanese comfort food like Katsu, Gyudon, Pork Bun and especially Ramen. We make Japanese food affordable by utilizing local suppliers and ingredients. Still, the foundation, techniques and other elements like the usukuchi, konbu, and honmirin are imported from Japan.


1 Brixton St. Kapitolyo Pasig City. (Beside Ace Water Spa)

0968 874 6800

240 NW Narra St, Marikina Heights, 1810 Metro Manila 


999 J. P. Rizal St, Marikina, 1807 Metro Manila


Opening Hours

Friday to Sunday and Holidays: 12 noon to 10 PM. Last call for orders is 10 PM.


Monday to Thursday and non-holidays: 12 noon to 9 PM. Last call for orders is 9 PM.

How it all started.

Ramen Wave started as a small eight seater Ramen house with partitions for social distancing protocols in response to the covid pandemic of 2019. Cubicle solo dining is a norm in Japan, where diners come to eat comfortably in private. It is a novelty in the Philippines to dine alone. Thanks to the Internet, it became become viral, and now we have opened a 50-seater second branch and introduced our new and improved “Shared-Focused Dining Cubicles” where diners can share the experience with their friends and loved ones but still have the privacy for a peaceful and solitude dining experience. This year we also opned a 30 seater 3rd branch in Kapitolyo Pasig.

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It is more than just a bowl of broth.

Our signature Ramen Broth is always freshly made every day. To make sure that the quality of every bowl is on point.



What customers say about us

This ramen restaurant was surprisingly good. Their setup is similar to, but not entirely the same, as Tokyo’s Ichiran Ramen where customers are seated at individual cubicles to dine semi-privately. - from google reviews

Joel Calderon

We ordered their Tonkatsu and Miso ramen as well sa the trio pork buns and tempura. The noodles are firm and the broth gives you that home-y feel, especially after a heavy downpour (which was the case when we went there). Please order their pork buns if you go there! Best pork buns I had, its savory and spicy at the same time and the buns are soft. NGL it's comparable to those well-known ramen joints in the metro but with a bang on the buck.
The place takes you to Japan as they have booths with partitions that can be opened. Check the artworks as well on each booth that were created by one of the owners.
Ample parking spaces are available and the building has a security guard. We went there last Saturday at around 4PM and the place was packed with customers, thats why wait time is around 15 minutes.
Def a must-try place. Will come back soon to complete our loyalty card.🍜🌊👌🏼 - from google reviews
At first when my partner brought me here, i thought I would be disappointed. But oh My! The place was super great! The food is the best! Its not too pricey, and definitely worth it. Their food was leveling to known restau like yabu ,yoshinoya it never disappoints! I love how accommodating the team is too. I will surely go back! Thank you best foo, best people, they have parking and an amazing cr with bidet ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Parking: I love that there is parking available in front. - from google reviews
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