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Comfort in every slurp!

We want to give to give "Ramen Lovers" a "Ramentic"
experience when dining in at Ramen Wave.

Our shared-focused dining cubicles allow lovers of Authentic Japanese Comfort Food to dine alone comfortably or share dining tables with their friends or loved ones.


Authentic Japanese Comfort Food should be affordable.

Authentic Japanese food should be affordable. Ramen Wave is your friendly neighborhood Japanese restaurant where we serve our favorite Japanese comfort food like Katsu, Gyudon, Pork Bun and especially Ramen. We make Japanese food affordable by utilizing local suppliers and ingredients. Still, the foundation, techniques and other elements like the usukuchi, konbu, and honmirin are imported from Japan.


1 Brixton St. Kapitolyo Pasig City. (Beside Ace Water Spa)

0968 874 6800

240 NW Narra St, Marikina, 1810 Metro Manila 


999 J. P. Rizal St, Marikina, 1807 Metro Manila


Opening Hours

Everyday: 4pm - 10pm

How it all started.

Ramen Wave started as a small eight seater Ramen house with partitions for social distancing protocols in response to the covid pandemic of 2019. Cubicle solo dining is a norm in Japan, where diners come to eat comfortably in private. It is a novelty in the Philippines to dine alone. Thanks to the Internet, it became become viral, and now we have opened our 50-seater second branch and introduced our new and improved “Shared-Focused Dining Cubicles” where diners can share the experience with their friends and loved ones but still have the privacy for a peaceful and solitude dining experience.

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It is more than just a bowl of broth.

Our signature Ramen Broth is always freshly made every day. To make sure that the quality of every bowl is on point.

What Our Diners Say About Us

Super tasty!! one of the best i've ever tasted. authentic ang lasa. also, if you want the spiciest, order yokai!

Lia Maliwat Perez

Best Ramen we’ve tasted here so far, similar sa na-try namin sa Japan airport

Patricia Prestoza

One of the best ramen that I've tasted. Iilan lang yung mga nagugustuhan kong ramen. Madalas, hindi ko gusto for some reason. Dito, masarap ramen nila. Their ramen is more expensive sa reg ramen na nabibili pero it is all worth it!

Kevin Santiago

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